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Pitbulls are nanny dogs, not killers


Pitbulls are kind natured and very loving animals. They love to give cuddles and kisses. From my experience, I have had five pitbulls growing up and each protected my siblings and I with their lives. They are good guard dogs and always ensure people that your kids and you are protected. With that being said, Pit Bull-type dogs are not born aggressive.”

Ever heard the phrase “nature vs. nurture”? Well, that applies here too. Pit Bull-type dogs, just like any other type, follow “learned” behavior taught by the humans who raise them.” says 


When I was a kid, my family had multiple Pitbulls, each being protective over my siblings and I. I loved them with my whole heart and when they were hurting, I was hurting. Unfortunately when my dogs were given away from moving conditions and them being banned from apartments, I lost my best friends.It is known that “Pets can help decrease stress and can even help children develop social and emotional skills. And although research on human-animal interaction is still relatively new, initial studies have shown that pets can reduce cortisol levels, decrease loneliness, boost mood, and increase feelings of social support.” 

I was at my happiest when I had my pets and I don’t want other kids to go through that just because they love a breed of dog that is banned from public spaces.  https://www.verywellfamily.com/how-kids-benefit-from-pet-ownership-5201854#:~:text=Pets%20can%20help%20decrease%20stress,increase%20feelings%20of%20social%20support. Yes, there are multiple statistics saying that Pitbulls are killing people and there are some cases against this breed, I won’t ignore that. But, I refuse to blame an entire breed for the mistakes caused by certain dogs. Yes, Pitbulls have strong jaws, but they don’t have locking jaws, it is simply a myth that everyone chooses to believe.  “Pit Bull type dogs do not have “locking jaws”

No such “locking jaw” mechanism exists in a Pit Bull-type dog or any other dog type or breed. There is nothing uncommon about the size and functionality of a Pit Bull-type dog’s jaws or teeth. Additionally, there is no evidence which proves that one dog type or breed is uniquely capable of inflicting serious injury to humans or other animals.” This is confirmed by https://www.arlboston.org/5-facts-about-pit-bull-type-dogs/ . This topic is such a passionate feeling of mine and I feel strongly about the fact that Pitbulls are banned from a lot of places. Personally, I think it’s unfair especially since there are multiple smaller dogs that are more vicious than Pitbulls are. I don’t believe that we should judge Pitbulls because we think we know everything about them and/or their breed. When you search up Pitbulls, only their bad reputation pops up, and I want that to change. I want to make the Pitbull reputation clear and it starts with this article. I want to see their ban lifted. I want people to see them as they are, which is like any other loving animal:if they can have a chance, why can’t this type of breed or really any type of breed?


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